Physical Therapy Can Help With Work From Home Injuries

March 20th, 2021
Home injuries

From wearing masks to working from home, most of us have had to make major life adjustments to cope with the pandemic. Life as we know it has changed and our bodies are feeling the effects.

You might notice that your posture has been negatively affected because of hunching over computer screens during Zoom meetings or having to make do with improper office equipment at home. 

If you’re suddenly experiencing neck or back pain, the underlying cause may be due to poor posture. it’s a good idea to see a physical therapist at Eastside Sports Rehab in Bellevue, WA for an evaluation. 

Rest assured that our staff is in full compliance with COVID-19 safety precautions, are following the recommendations of the CDC, and are also receiving vaccinations. Call our clinic today to set up an appointment and let us help you get back to feeling your best.

How does posture cause pain & home injuries?

Your posture affects how your body moves – whether you’re sitting, standing, walking, running, jumping, or performing pretty much any other task throughout the day. 

Take a second to evaluate your current posture as you read this. Are you slouching at your desk? Leaning over to read it on your phone? These are both things that people do subconsciously, and they don’t even realize the effect it has on their posture.  

Having to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic has increased this problem ten-fold. Amanda Scharen, the director of Therapeutic Associates in Seattle’s Queen Anne explains in an interview with KIRO7 news, “I’m seeing a lot of injuries just from people being in – too static or being in one position for a long period of time[…] A lot of neck and back pain and associated things such as pinched nerves or pain running down the arm or running down the leg. I’m also seeing a lot of shoulder injuries.” 

Neck and back pain are extremely common as home injuries, but if you’re lucky, this might be the very first time in your life that you’ve experienced it. The good news is that a physical therapist at Eastside Sports Rehab in Bellevue, WA can help you to improve your posture and get rid of those pesky painful symptoms.

Physical therapy can help to improve your posture and eliminate pain

Physical therapy is a safe, healthy, and effective way to treat neck and back pain. Our skilled Bellevue therapists offer tons of methods for relieving painful symptoms, such as hot/cold packs, massage therapy, and more. 

If you’re feeling pain in your neck or back and have a sneaking suspicion that it’s a result of poor posture, have no fear. At Eastside Sports Rehab, our physical therapists can help improve your posture, and alleviate your pain symptoms of home injuries with these three steps:

  1. Diagnosing your condition: We conduct thorough physical examination tests and look into your medical history to diagnose a herniated disc and rule out other conditions
  2. Treating your condition: Your physical therapist’s treatment goals for your condition focus on relieving pain and inflammation in your neck or back, and alleviating compressed nerves. They may employ techniques including stretches, massages, joint mobilizations, therapeutic exercises, and modalities such as cold laser therapy and electrical stimulation. 
  3. Preventing your condition from happening again: Your therapist will also teach you how to improve your posture, body mechanics, strength and conditioning of your core, and enhance your spinal health through lifestyle changes to make sure that you don’t find yourself suffering again in the future from back or neck pain.

Are you ready to start feeling better?

If you’re experiencing pain from working from home during the pandemic, know that help is available to you. Eastside Sports Rehab therapists can get you feeling better in no time at all without the use of drugs or surgeries. Call our Bellevue clinic today.


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