Patient Testimonials

  • I’m very limited on giving recommendations on anything unless I really think it is of extreme high quality. Lisa flat out is one of the best physical therapists in the Pugent Sound area. I have recommended her to many of my friends and they in turn provided her with additional recommendations. You won’t be disappointed in your results.


  • I started at Eastside Sports Rehab right after I injured my right knee (torn ACL), rehabilitating it for surgery. After 10 intense weeks I was ready for surgery and two weeks later we started therapy again to recover from surgery. In a few words, thanks to Lisa’s guidance and great work I was able to ski again without missing a season. After she worked on my knee, I sent my wife and daughter and we have seen her for different incidents (from head to toes) always with excellent results. It amazes me how much she knows about how your body works and what it needs to heal. I’ve recommended this clinic to all our friends in the area; certain that they would be well taken care of.


  • Excellent facility with very knowledgeable staff. Mike is awesome and very helpful! Great for any injury small or large.


  • I’ve been to PT before at several places. Most PT clinics seem to have you spend the majority of your appointment with an aide or tech doing exercises that you could be doing at home and only a short time with the actual Physical Therapist. Completely different here! You spend the entire appointment with your Physical Therapist! Jamie is awesome to work with and very personable.


  • ESRC differs from other clinics, in that you get a full hour with the PT. They don’t pawn you off to some assistant to do the basics. They sit with you, walk through your challenges, suggest new ideas to try things, and more. It’s a full end-to-end type clinic, with the focus on care and recovery. The staff, both front office and PT, is consistent, kind and was a breath of experience. If you need a custom bike fit, or orthotics, or are recovering from back surgery – or are a young student-athlete – they’ve got you covered.


  • Just love this place and Lisa in particular! Works her magic on my dancer daughter every time to reduce her pain and bring her back to her athletic form quickly! Forever grateful to my dear friend for recommending this place! And Lisa truly cares and follows up heart. 5 stars for sure!