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Mike Yamashita Physical Therapist Eastside Sports Rehabilitation Clinic 3

Michael Yamashita , PT

Sport & Spine Rehab Orthotics


Growing up in Seattle, Mike competed in many sports while also taking violin lessons for 15 years.After graduating from Garfield High School as Valedictorian, he went on to the University of Washington where he was initially accepted into the Electrical Engineering school before switching to Physical Therapy after volunteering at Harborview and Children’s Hospital.

Over the past 24 years, Mike has worked in Outpatient Rehab and Sports Medicine with an initial focus on spine rehab. With his interest in athletics, he has also developed a focus in spinal and lower extremity biomechanics. He found this approach to assessment and treatment to be more functionally effective for his patients, which led to an additional expertise in the prescription of custom foot orthoses.

Mike was asked to write an article titled Evaluation and Selection of Shoe Wear and Orthoses for the Runner, which was published in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North America in

In addition to this work at the clinic, Mike puts on workshops for his twin daughters’ competitive Irish Dance school and many local running clubs giving information on injury prevention and optimization of performance. He particularly enjoys working with youth athletes to educate them on how to deal with their current injuries, as well as giving them tools for prevention.

He describes himself as an outdoor enthusiast and has played in co-ed adult soccer leagues for over 20 years.