Eastside Sports Rehabilitation Clinic

If you are in the Bellevue, WA area, or greater Eastside, and you are looking for relief, Eastside Sports Rehabilitation Clinic is here to help as one of the most regarded physical therapy practices in Bellevue, WA. We are a team of experienced and dedicated individuals here to make you feel better. Our office is located on SE 6th Street just south of Downtown Bellevue next door to the Bellevue Club, giving you easy access to pain relief. Give us a call at (425) 576-8180 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to meeting you and creating a plan for your journey toward health, healing, and pain relief.


11400 SE 6th, Street Suite 105
Bellevue WA ,98004
F: (425) 746-2002

Business Hours

Mon-Fri : 6:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Sat : By Appointment Only


We Specialize In Relieving the Pain of Bellevue, WA

Physical therapy is highly effective in restoring function when pain stops you from doing what you love or need to do. The goal of Eastside Sports Rehabilitation Clinic is to make your daily tasks and activities easier. Whether it be walking, going up stairs, or getting in and out of bed, we can help. In addition, physical therapy provides the best treatment for a variety of different pains, not only providing relief but also teaching you techniques to prevent re-injury and avoid pain in the future.

Are you suffering from pain or limited range of motion?

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